Hypoallergenic Dehydrated Turkey Chunks

Hypoallergenic Dehydrated Turkey Chunks - Dogs Dream Food

Hypoallergenic Dehydrated Turkey Chunks

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Turkey is one of the most loved meats by dogs. It naturally has the benefit of being lean and very less in fat. These features, together with its nutritional benefits, makes it a perfect treat for dogs who may have allergies to chicken or any other meat. Our Turkey chunks are appropriately air-dried, thus eliminating the need for artificial preservatives.

It is also:

  • Highly digestible protein, rich in Selenium.
  • High in Tryptophan, needed for T-cells, a type of immune system cell that kills cancer cells
  • Turkey necks are ground for added calcium, essential fatty acids, proteins, and enzymes

And NO, Turkey does not make your pet sleepy instead the Tryptophan gives a calming effect to them.

Preferable Serving: Treats for small, medium, and large dogs.

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