Why dehydrated treats?

     Dehydrated treats give the numerous advantages of raw food while simultaneously cutting down on processing and additives that could be helpful. Also, the process of dehydrating ensures that the treats are nutrient-packed while getting rid of pathogens in raw treats. So, I believe the real question is, why not?

    How much treats should be given to dogs of various age groups?

     On a general note, puppies require high-calorie intake due to their rapid growth. Hence, treats that help with growth and nutrients should be given. However, these treats should not replace the pup’s food. Always confirm with your vet.

     An adult dog should be given treats so long as the calorie intake from treats does not exceed 10%.

     Why do you levy the delivery charge?

    We aim to provide healthy treats at affordable prices. Hence, we levy delivery charges separate from the product cost based on your location to ensure the smoothest and most convenient delivery process.

     Any specific feeding instructions?

     Ensure dog treats are only 10% of the source of calories for your dog. Most importantly, please pay attention to your furry friend’s favourite treats and its reaction to different treats.






    Are your treats soft?



    Our treats range across different textures and are made to suit whatever needs you have. We have soft treats as well as jerky, crunchy treats. Please read the description of each product to be sure.






    What treats are safe for puppies?



    Generally, lean meat such as little amounts of chicken and turkey is safe for puppies. It would be best if you also fed them treats that are not too tough or large to munch on. Treats with vegetables are also acceptable. You can also give your puppy jerky treats in small bites.



    NB: It is advised to not give your puppy ham as it might be too rich for their digestive system.






    Are fishes, especially mackerel suitable for dogs?



    Yes. Mackerel and fishes, in general, are suitable for dogs. Mackerel is exceptionally high in omega 3 fatty acids which is beneficial to the dog. However, just like with everything else, these treats should be given in moderation because mackerel also has more fat.



    NB: The larger species of mackerel like King Mackerel and Spanish mackerel most likely have high amounts of mercury and should be stayed away from.






    How much treats should I give my dog?



    As a rule of thumb, treats should not exceed 10% of your dog’s daily calories. This means that if your dog needs about 300 calories every day, a maximum of 30 calories should come from treats.






    What are the benefits of dehydrated treats?



    1. Dehydrated treats offer all of the nutrition while eliminating the bacteria and pathogens in raw treats.



    2. Dehydrated treats simplify storage process.



    3. Also, dehydrated treats are very convenient and travel friendly.






    What treats do I give if my dog is allergic?



    Generally, natural treats are your best bet for dogs with sensitivities. Treats with duck and quail are also perfect. You should definitely try out our Dehydrated whole quail and Duck meal. They come highly recommended.






    How long can I keep dehydrated treats?



    Our dehydrated treats are free of moisture and so can be stored for a week or two so long as it’s sealed correctly in airtight bags. Want to store for longer? Refrigerate. You could store it for about a month if it’s refrigerated.






    How should I store dehydrated treats?



    You can store these treats by keeping them in an airtight container to prevent them from getting wet or soggy, which can then be refrigerated to store for a more extended period.






    Why isn’t my order shipped immediately?



    We take longer to ship as the dehydration process takes time if done precisely. Please, be patient as we aim to bring only quality products your way.






    Do you sell only dog treats?



    No. Although we sell dog treats majorly, we also create and sell supplements, snacks, and chews.






    Are your treats grain-free?



    Yes. All our products are grain-free and combined with whole food ingredients.






    Are your treats 100% organic?



    Yes. All our products are 100% organic and are high in nutrients and healthy ingredients.






    Can I exchange a treat for another one my pet likes more?



    Yes. If your dog does not like a particular treat, we are happy to offer you exchange with another treat your pet prefers. Please ensure to email us within 1 week from the purchase date at care@dogsdreamfood.in






    I have an inquiry. How quickly will I get a reply?



    Our team is always ready to reply to your suggestions and inquiries, kindly contact us. We would love to hear from you!






    I got more than my pet needs. Can I return a treat?



    Yes, you can so long as you have not used our product. Kindly send the package back with the original receipt within 15 days from purchase date. Once verified, you will receive a full refund.



    What are alternate treats high in protein excluding chicken?



    Alternate treats high in protein include, but not limited to: Dehydrated whole quail, duck meal, turkey chucks. The good news is you can get these tasty treats from our website.






    What treats are beneficial to my dog’s teeth?



    Our chewy long-lasting treats are perfect for your dog’s teeth by preventing tartar. You should definitely try out some of these treats like the Tendon wrapped in Chicken Jerky and meaty paddywhack.



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