Smoked Buffalo Ears

Smoked Buffalo Ears

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Dogs Dream Food's Smoked Buffalo Ears Dog Chews and Treats are extremely palatable, responsibly sourced, rich in amino acids, Omega 3 & 6 making them a healthy chew. 

  1. Single Protein Source - If your dog is having food allergies then rest assured that this chew cum treat comes from a single protein source.
  2. Great Alternative to other commercial chews and pig ear chews - Buffalo Ear chews contain 14% more protein and 28% lesser fat than beef ears, they also contain 28% more protein than pig ears. 
  3. Good for your pets heart and kidney - The low sodium content in these buffalo ear chews are ideal for pets with heart or kidney problems. High sodium treats or foods create sudden spikes in the blood sodium levels. 
  4. Dental Benefits - The crunchy smoked ear also will serve the dual purpose of cleaning your dog's teeth, helping you get your dog an even shinier teeth. 
  5. Promotes Positive Chewing - The ears are shaped and structured in a way that reinforces positive chewing habits in your dog. Dogs naturally chew and it is a natural part of their life, the ears are shaped to ensure that your dogs love them and love to chew on them.
  6. Extremely Long Lasting Chews - These chews are long lasting, they can keep your pet engrossed productively for a very long time. This therefore also helps them in keeping mentally engaged and busy in a good way.

Why choose Smoked Ear Buffalo Chews from us?

  1. No artificial flavors, colors.
  2. No artificial hormones or antibiotics
  3. No preservatives
  4. Longer Shelf Life
  5. Responsibly Sourced
  6. Gluten Free
  7. Single Source of Protein

Instructions for Feeding

  • 1 chew a day
  • Always maintain supervision when your dog is chewing to prevent accidents such as choking
  • Always provide your dog plenty of water after the activity
  • Always wash your hands after handling the product

Net Weight

Each package of Dogs Dream Food Smoked Buffalo Ears comes in a resealable pouch containing 6 pcs of Smoked Buffalo Ears


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