Bovine Colostrum Powder for Dogs and Cats

Bovine Colostrum Powder for Dogs and Cats - Dogs Dream Food

Bovine Colostrum Powder for Dogs and Cats

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Dogs Dream Food’s Bovine Colostrum powder comes from cows. Newborns and adult pets can both benefit from Colostrum. If you've tried everything under the sun for your pet suffering from allergies, digestive problems, loss of appetite, irritation and hotspot issues and nothing has worked out to your satisfaction. Give this a try! We are certain you will not regret.

The benefits of giving Colostrum to your pets include :

Solving Allergies

Colostrum can be immensely valuable to deal with allergies. The Proline-Rich Polypeptides(PRPs) that are a part of colostrum can aid improvement of immunity and a strong nervous system. Colostrum for dogs and cats can also manage irritation, which can induce rash, itching and discomfort for your pets.

Solving Diarrhea

Leaky gut can happen when your pet’s gut’s inner lining gets damaged. The toxins present in our environment or the food that you regularly serve may contain toxins which can do this. Leaky gut causes the food to pass through the lining and enter the bloodstream. Digestive issues, arthritis and diarrhea are common problems this can cause. Lactoferrin present in the colostrum powder can not only manage inflammation but also can act as a prebiotic to improve the healthy gut bacteria.

Improve Oral Health

Colostrum can reduce the bacteria that cause gum disease. Gum disease is especially more prominent in smaller breeds and often leads to tooth loss.

Anti- Aging

Colostrum helps to preserve the lean muscle mass and bone density. This means that your dog ages well and has the strength and vitality to stay younger than their actual age.
It also improves post exercise recovery, reduces stress.

Solving Hot Spots

Hot Spots in pets are basically fungal infections. If your pet suffers from fungal infections, this can identified by noticing itching, excessive licking and skin odor. Colostrum can help fight these fungal infections.

Topical Usage

Colostrum helps in skin healing and repair. You can make a homemade paste of colostrum and apply it to
  • wounds
  • infections
  • rashes
  • hotspots
  • insect bites

Feeding Instructions

Dogs Dream Food’s Bovine Colostrum powder is best fed on an empty stomach. In fact, your pet can lick off the powder without you needing to mix it into anything. However, you can also feed the powder by mixing it in curd or broth or the normal food you give to your pets.

You can give 0.5 grams of colostrum powder for every 12 kg of weight twice a day.
If your pet is allergic to dairy products or is lactose intolerant, do not give the colostrum powder.

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