How caring for a Pet Can help You Live a Healthier and Happier Life

How caring for a Pet Can help You Live a Healthier and Happier Life | Dogs Dream Food
Ben Williams, the famous American Jazz Musician had once said  "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face".

Stop and think about it for a moment before moving on. Every word is true as true as the oxygen you're breathing in right now.

We've composed this blog for two reasons. First, it's our duty to share with others the transformative experience we've had. Second, we want to bring out the practical perspective we've  experienced ourselves. We have also seen others experience the same. This blog aims to bring out the practical perspective.


Do you feel stressed at work? Does your work involve long hours of sitting at the desk? Do you feel that you don't get enough exercise in a day? Did you wish you had a companion who stood by you through your ups and downs? Do you suffer from anxiety and/or depression? Do you feel that someone would by the look in your eyes, by the tone of your voice understand what you're going through? Do you feel that you don't connect with your partner or don't get enough time with them?


If some or all these problems resonate with you, have you considered adopting a pet? Caring for a pet or even the simple act of staring at a fish in an aquarium can have lasting benefits. Studies have shown that having pets contribute to your happiness.  Caring for a pet is a long term commitment and although initially they can be handful. But from this responsibility of caring stems a sense of satisfaction, a profound inner joy.

A walk with your partner that happened occasionally will gradually become a habit. To satisfy your dog's daily requirement of a walk you'll find yourself taking a walk more often than you have been. If you're like us, you will take this walk with your spouse and find more time to bond and connect on a lot of things.
Socialization which happened infrequently will now become more regular. These walks will see you socialize more often. You'll find that you've met some great people and you've become  friends  in no time. In fact, we've made some great friends for life ourselves. We've met interesting people when we're out on such walks, found topics that we share in common. We've had heartfelt and meaningful conversations sometimes for hours on end. 
If you're single, forget matchmaking websites or dating websites, you may end up finding the love of your life when you're out on  such a walk. Yes, we've seen this happen.
As you play with your pet, both of you begin understanding each other better. Pets can understand the look in your eyes, they can sense your emotions, the tone of your voice. You'll realize that you've found a companion for life who understands you, sometimes better than you do yourself. It has happened to us so many times now that we've lost count. Tashi, our angel, knows when we like to wake up on weekdays and weekends. She insists we take her to a long walk on weekdays in the evening and to shorter ones in the morning. On weekends there's always play sessions in the park after a walk.
You'll find that you have forgotten your worries as you peacefully snuggle up with your pet or vice versa. It is a different feeling all together. Worries and anxiety  take a backseat. You can lie for hours at end like this and never get bored all your life. The simple acts of lovingly stroking your pet, hugging them, kissing them(if you're like us), giving them a belly rub can soothe and calm you down almost instantaneously.
You'll never be alone, you'll always have company wherever you go, you'll never be lonely. Someone will always be watching  you, as you cook, as you work, as you do anything else reallyYou'll find yourself looking behind you more often searching for your pet and go searching for them if they're not there. Loneliness won't be an issue you'll associate yourself with anymore.
Caring for a life does bring in a sense of responsibility. You'll have to work up a schedule for them, manage their health, manage their visits to the vet, manage their diets, groom them, plan their walks,. You'll learn to care more about someone else more than yourself. Studies show that from this new found responsibility, the sense of self worth increases. It does as you're now responsible for providing for a life.

Pets do transform you, take it from us! It changes you as a person, it changes your point of view of the world around you, it changes everything. The unadulterated selfless love that your pet will have for you will change you forever as a person. No one will be more happier to see you every day when you walk in through that front door, and oh yes, they'll make sure they express it in the most expressive way possible.

How to go about adopting a pet?

Adoption of a pet requires investing your time and money. It requires a life long commitment towards caring for them. A pet just like a human needs care, time, medical attention when needed, visits to the vet, proper nutrition. Most importantly you need to be patient with them. If you are not sure you'll be able to provide all of them, it is best not to adopt a pet. When you're not sure, it may be a better option for you to try fostering before committing to adopting a life. Abandonment can be emotionally very distressing for them. 
In the words of Josh Duhamel “Adopted pets are the best pets you can have. Most adoptable pets come from loving homes that simply cannot care for them anymore. Or they are strays who’ve been on their own without the loving care they deserve.”

There are many not for profit organizations across India that help you in the adoption of a pet. We've listed some of them below.  This list is not exhaustive. 

  • CUPA Second Chance Adoption Center — You can visit them after contacting them.
  • Freagles of India — You can get in touch with them here
  • Dharmasala Animal Rescue —
  • Charlie's Animal Rescue Center, Bangalore —
  • Blue Cross of India, Chennai —
  • The Bombay Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (BSPCA), Mumbai —
  • The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center (SGACC), New Delhi —

We hope that you've enjoyed reading the post as much as we've enjoyed composing it. Let us know what you think by sending your comments.

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