5 topmost reasons why Bully Sticks is a dream chew for your dog

5 topmost reasons why Bully Sticks is a dream chew for your dog | Dogs Dream Food

Here are some of the reasons we think that you should try out bully sticks for your dogs.

Reason 1 - Fully Digestible and Easy to Digest

Bully Sticks are made up of buffalo pizzle, they are also sometimes called pizzle sticks. They can be given to aggressive or non aggressive chewers. They can be given to young adults , mid-aged dogs and seniors as well. These dog chew are neither too hard or too soft, protein rich , so they are just perfect for dogs of all ages. Unlike other chews these chews are completely edible and leave no residuals. It is protein rich and has a lot amino acids which are good for the development of muscles, development of skin and coat and support all round healthy development of your dogs. The only caution we'd like you to exercise here is to not overfeed as these are calorie rich and you may need to adjust the overall calorie intake of your dog accordingly.


Reason 2 - Dental Health Benefits that come along

Dogs love to chew and bully sticks are a perfect chew that engages them in the way they like. Along with all of this however, bully sticks do provide stellar dental benefits. The accumulated tartar and dirt from chewing all those carbohydrates and other chews can result in a load of deposit in their teeth which needs to be cleaned. Bully sticks have been known to provide stellar dental benefits.

In fact, as dog parents we must be careful to ensure that the dental health is given a high priority. Teeth and gum health if maintained properly can lead to a graceful ageing.


Reason 3 - Curbs boredom and stimulates mental health

Dogs loves bully sticks. We would like to say that apart from all the other benefits one of the overlooked factors is the mental health, boredom that your dog is likely to suffer if you're not able to give him all the time he needs. Well we are not advocating that you ignore your pets here by choosing bully sticks, that is a big NO! from us, but we all have a life beyond a dog which includes all the other monotonous things you'd like to avoid. Yes! it is for these situations when a bully sticks can be given to your dog and then can be taken back....well if they let you that is!


Reason 4 - Natural treats/Natural Chews

Bully sticks from Dogs Dream Food are 100% natural. They are a great alternative to rawhide. So we hope that you know or may have heard about the damage that the raw-hide chews does to your dog? Have you? Well let's hope you have. In case you have not here are some points we'd like to bring to your attention.

  1. They aren't easily digested.
  2. They are mostly contaminated owing to the manufacturing process.
  3. They are produced from slaughterhouse leftovers.

If you'd like to read more about the malpractices of the raw hide chew read here

Reason 5 - The safety angle

So we get this question in varying formats:

  • Are bully sticks safe for dogs?
  • Are bully sticks safe for puppies?
  • Can I give an adult dog a bully stick?

Well, we'd like to throw in our perspective here. First of all, bully sticks are completely edible and easily digestible. So even if your dog accidentally swallows it, it will be processed like other food and digested. So fear not.

However, there are some aggressive chewers who would like to swallow the whole thing, or puppies. For them, we'd just like to say that supervise your dog always when he or she is chewing. Never leave a puppy alone or an adult dog alone when it's chewing. This should at least be done when you're not very familiar with the chewing behavior.

The bully sticks from Dogs Dream Food are made from natural beef/buffalo. Our bully sticks are high in protein . It comes from free range and grass fed buffaloes. We have buffalo sticks of various shapes and sizes. Here is the list of collection that we have

  1. Bully Sticks for Dogs - These are about 6-8 inch in length. They are extremely thick and extremely high in quality
  2. Braided Bully Sticks for Dogs - Something you'll rarely find. Extremely premium and high in quality.
  3. Bully Bites - Made from pizzle ends. Bite sized for easy feeding.


That's it, we'd love to hear what you think or love to answer any queries you may have.

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