3 great benefits of Horn as chews for dogs

3 great benefits of Horn as chews for dogs | Dogs Dream Food

If you have a dog, then by now you must have figured out that your dog loves to chew. Starting from chewing the edges of our furniture to our shoes. Horn Chews for dogs have for a good reason become an extremely popular chew amongst dog parents and if you are reading this now, below are the top three reasons we think that you can try horns as chews for your dogs

  • Horns help in the mental stimulation a dog needs and gets rid of its boredom

    . Horn as chews are extremely versatile in the sense that while offering great health and skin benefits, they also help in keeping your dog engaged mentally. It provides the required mental exercise, so that they don't develop boredom while they are indoors.

Bored Dog

  • Satisfies a dog's need to chew and offers great dental benefits

    . If your dog's teeth looks something like below, then it needs cleaning and horns offer great dental benefits some of which include cleaning of the built up of tartar, dirt and strengthening of the gums.


  • Keratin helps in prevention of damage to skin and coat. 

    Horn chews come from a single source. It's a natural source of keratin protein that is found inside the marrow of the horn. Protein in general and keratin specifically helps in maintaining a healthy coat for your dogs. For more information on how Keratin is beneficial for your dog here is a link that may help


At Dog's dream food we have some amazing horn chew for your dogs. Below are some of the horn based chew we think you and your child will absolutely love. What makes all of our horn based chews better than most chews available in the market are:

  1. High in Quality, comes from grass fed cattle. 
  2. Single source of high quality protein.
  3. Contains no artificial hormones or preservatives.
  4. Long Lasting, can really last for a very long time.


Small Goat Horn Chews, Medium Goat Horn Chews , Sheep Antlers/ Horn for Dogs, Buffalo Horn Chews for Dogs, Buffalo Horn Chews (Medium) for Dogs  

Instructions for feeding - Horns can be extremely beneficial. It is recommended that these chews be given to non-aggressive chewers. Always maintain supervision while your dog is chewing.

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